The internet has transformed education, but social media can threaten our freedom to learn and become a breeding-ground for bullies. It's time to tackle the trolls.

A recent NUS survey showed that almost half of students (48%) agree that internet trolling is getting worse. Online shaming, threats and abuse are now considered a norm within the daily routine of social media posts and messages.

NUS’ #AntisocialMedia campaign will challenge the abuse that is too often directed at students’ union and NUS officers, as well as ‘ordinary’ students.

The campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the issue of bullying and harassment and its effects on education, attainment, health and academic discourse
  • Provide support and resources for students’ unions and student union officers
  • Support NUS’ defence of free speech and academic freedom and re-imagine longer term how social media and the internet has changed education and has empowered students

We held an #Antisocialmedia summit

Click here to read what happened

Case studies

Have you been the target of trolls/online abuse? Has fear of trolling prevented students at your SU from running in elections? We are looking for case studies of student officers/students who have experienced online abuse. Please contact if you are willing to share your story.

Let us know what you need

We want to take a collaborative approach to the resources we produce. In order to make them as useful for you as possible we need to know what you want – so please let us know!

Full SU briefing

Download the full students' union briefing for the #AntisocialMedia campaign here (Welsh)

Social Media Charter

Download the model social media charter for students’ unions here.

Further resources for SUs and students will be available over the coming weeks