Zone proposals to National Conference now available

Tuesday 03-02-2015 - 15:45

Each Zone Committee has submitted their proposals to National Conference, meaning students’ unions have the opportunity to submit ordinary motions or to submit amendments to the motions that Zone Committees have proposed.

Students’ unions wishing to submit motions to National Conference must pass those motions through their own democratic decision making bodies first – such as student council, an Executive meeting or an all-student vote. Students’ unions can submit up to 1,400 words (total) of ordinary motions and amendments to Zone proposals to National Conference. (Amendments to the rules do not have a word limit.) Ordinary motions must be received by 12 Noon on Friday 6 March 2015.                                                                           

Motions and amendments must be submitted through the online form here

For any queries regarding the submission of motions or amendments, please contact

All current NUS policy can be found here. Before submitting policy to National Conference, it is recommended that you find out if NUS already has policy in this area. Policy passed at NUS Conference lapses after three years so policy passed at Conference 2012 will lapse at the end of National Conference 2015. If you would like a policy that is due to lapse to continue, please indicate this to the Democratic Procedures Committee at Conference so that it can be discussed.



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