Zone Proposals and Reports to National Conference

Tuesday 02-02-2016 - 12:17

Each Zone Committee and DPC have submitted their report and proposals to National Conference. Students’ unions now have the opportunity to submit amendments to the motions or to submit ordinary motions to National Conference.

National Conference is the sovereign policy making body of NUS and is where delegates pass policy to decide the political direction of the organisation. Policy is submitted by Zone Committees and Students’ Unions. National Conference votes on the policy submitted and it becomes the work plan for the year ahead.

Zone Committees have now submitted their proposals, which are as follows:

Priority Zone: Working for students’ unions, winning more power for students

FE Zone: Area Reviews – Colleges are on life support; don’t pull the plug!

FE Zone: Free Education, Further Education, For Everyone!

HE Zone: Divorce our courses from market forces

HE Zone: Employability isn’t working

Society and Citizenship Zone: Right to Education for Persons in Detention

Society and Citizenship Zone: Divest-Invest

Union Development Zone: The Impact of Student Opportunities

Union Development Zone: Students’ unions are valued for student engagement in learning, help us NUS

Welfare: NUS for the NHS

Welfare: SOS – Save Our Services


Students’ unions now have the opportunity to submit amendments to the motions that Zone Committees and DPC have proposed or to submit ordinary motions.

Students’ unions wishing to submit motions to National Conference must pass those motions through their own democratic decision making bodies first – such as student council, an Executive meeting or an all-student vote. Students’ unions can submit up to 1,400 words (total) of ordinary motions and amendments to Zone proposals to National Conference. (Amendments to the rules do not have a word limit.) Amendments and Ordinary motions must be received by 12 Noon on Friday 4 March.

Motions and amendments must be submitted through the online form



NUS National Conference holds the Zones accountable for the work they have undertaken since the last Conference. It also can hold accountable all members of the NEC for their conduct as members of the Council and representatives of the organisation.

Before each Zone Motion debate, there will be a report section for each Zone. Delegates will be able to ask questions on the Zone Reports or pass a report motion

More Information on Accountability

Read the Reports


NUS National Conference 2016 will take place from 19 - 21 April 2016 at The Brighton Centre. Registration is open until 12noon on Wednesday 23 March. Register Now for National Conference

For issues or queries relating to reports and policy, amendments to zone policy proposals and Cross-Campus ballots, please contact the Chair of the Democratic Procedures Committee through


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