Zone Conferences registration to open on 19 September

Friday 09-09-2016 - 14:41

This year, Zone Conferences will take place in Stratford-upon-Avon from Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 October.

Zone Conferences are about policy development. Each conference will focus on deliberation and problem-solving to steer a particular theme ahead of National Conference 2017 in Brighton. They are suitable for officers whose portfolios and plans sit within the zone and who will be working in the key areas outlined in each agenda.

We are constantly working to improve students’ lives, equipping them to shape the future of education and ultimately to create a just and sustainable future. As such, the themes of each zone link up to the key areas laid out in NUS 100, our strategic framework for the next six years.

The dates and themes for individual zones are:

Tuesday 25 October – Wednesday 26 October

  • Further Education: The Post-16 skills plan
    NUS100 Theme 1: Everyone can access and excel in post-16 education
  • Higher Education: Building an alternative vision for teaching quality
    NUS100 Theme 2: The learner voice creates change in education

Wednesday 26 October – Thursday 27 October

  • Welfare: Health
    NUS100 Theme 3: Wellbeing and welfare are central to the student experience
  • Society and Citizenship: The World, post-Brexit
    NUS100 Theme 4: Students should be confident to engage in civic life
  • Union Development: Beyond the Classroom
    NUS100Theme 4: Students should be confident to engage in civic life

Elections will also take place for the Zone Committee and Zone places on the National Executive Council. Our Zone Committees coordinate and lead each of the Zones. Being part of a Zone Committee is an opportunity to support the vice president with projects within the zone, to be a part of the NUS policy formation process, and to represent members from across the UK.

There are eight positions available on each committee, with places reserved for FE Students and Women. In addition to these eight, the Zone NEC place sits on the committee and also represents the zone on the National Executive Council. If the current vice-president is not a woman, then this NEC place election will be open to self-defining women only. In this case, the Union Development NEC place election and the Society and Citizenship NEC place election will only be open to women candidates. Zone elections take place on a one vote per union basis and your lead delegate will be issued with a ballot paper.

Registration is open from the 19 September, with a full agenda and closes at 5pm on Tuesday 11 October. Delegate rates are £170 for HE delegates and £105 for FE delegates. All delegates will be twinned with delegates, where possible from the same union, unless a single room supplement of £67 is paid. 


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