Your students can write dissertations that change the world

Monday 28-09-2015 - 15:28

We’re really excited to launch our new programme Dissertations For Good – helping students to produce excellent academic work which makes a positive social impact.

At the moment, thousands of students across the UK will be planning their dissertations. Imagine if we were able to harness all of that academic power, and use it to deliver social good.

That’s what Dissertations For Good is all about. We partner students with external organisations who could benefit from the research and insight provided by a dissertation project, and allow students to produce work which genuinely contributes to social, economic and environmental sustainability.

During its pilot year, students at the University of Plymouth partnered with their local council to investigate food poverty in the local community, exploring the root causes of the problem, who it was affecting, and pointing the way towards tangible solutions.

“I wanted to write about food poverty due to my experiences working with statutory homeless people as a support worker in temporary housing”, Natalie White said. “I saw first-hand how difficult it was for people to manage to eat regularly, let alone healthily”

Working with NUS, Natalie and other students worked up their idea to create a fully formed piece of academic work, providing far reaching benefits.

“Our research will provide local evidence to support future strategies being developed to tackle food poverty”, explains project supervisor Clare Pettinger. “The evidence linking practice and policy in this area is currently fragmented so this project can feed into this gap”.

Thousands of students across the UK will have similar concerns and ideas. Whether they want to look into local economies, energy efficiency, social care, research and development, or whatever – there’s no reasons why our values can’t be reflected in our academic work.

Our dissertations can make a real difference to our communities, and even change lives.

Make sure you promote this opportunity to students at your institution, and encourage your institution to sign up to the service too. This is the exciting next step in helping our education system shape the solutions to our social, economic and environmental problems.

Visit the website and talk to us about Dissertations For Good



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