Your Right to Protest

Thursday 16-10-2014 - 14:18

NUS are committed to developing local activism and supporting you to run campaigns on your campus and in your local areas.

We also believe that peaceful protest has played a major role in bringing about important social and political changes and so our right to protest must be preserved.

We’re pleased to announce that together with Liberty, one of the UK’s leading human rights organisations, NUS are launching an updated briefing on protest and your rights for 2014/15.

This briefing tells you all your need to know about organising marches and demonstrations, as well as your legal rights and information about police powers and tactics.

With the activities of campaigning organisations now affected by the Lobbying Act, the right to protest is even more valuable and it is essential that when organising public protest that you know your rights.

However, NUS has significant concerns about the way in which our right to protest is being curtailed. Protestors may encounter the use of controversial policing tactics- such as ‘kettling’, stop and search, and water cannons – so it is important to know your legal rights.

Download the latest briefing here, which has been updated with new information about stop and search, water cannons, and the use of photography and filming by police and protesters.

You can find out more information about Liberty, or follow them on Twitter (@libertyHQ)



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