#YestoNUS: the FAQs

Wednesday 18-05-2016 - 17:25

Are you running a #YestoNUS campaign at your campus or college? We’ve put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions put to us, to help you inform your students of the true value of being a part of a national collective with NUS.

“Can we continue to sell Extra cards?”

No. If your students’ union is not affiliated you, as a student of that university, cannot purchase an NUS extra card and access the hundreds of savings it entitles you to.

Students’ who own the card tell us it saves them on average £54 per year.

“NUS does not represent our students”

We like students’ unions use a representative democratic system. We have identified this system needs improving and we have begun that process.

At National Conference in April we passed democratic principles which will guide our reform work so at National Conference 2017 we will put forward a full consulted on proposal to improve our democracy. There are two groups working on this and if you would like to be involved in this work please contact Richard Brooks, NUS Vice President Union Development (

Here’s how our system currently works to elect national officers:

  • Every student in the UK has the chance to vote for their NUS delegates;
  • We encourage you to hold your delegate elections at the same time as other elections to ensure turn out is as high as possible;
  • We have fair representation rules to ensure at least 50 per cent of conference are women;
  • Then the delegates students have elected choose our officers through elections.

“We want an informed debate and campaign”

We want this too and if there is anything we can do to help please ask your membership engagement contact. The majority of our work as an organisation is for the benefit of our members which are students’ unions. We have chosen to support excellent students’ unions meaning a lot of the work we do is unseen to student members by helping staff and officers support students on your campus.

Obviously, it would be inappropriate for SU staff to campaign for NUS so it is fundamental to a balanced debate and campaign that NUS is allowed to campaign and support the debate about membership.

“Leaving will have no impact on the quality and level of services that we provide to our members and the student experience will not be diminished.”

Students’ unions are value driven places that work tirelessly for their members. They will always do what they think is right for them and go beyond that as member-led organisations.

However, we believe we are stronger together, whether that be generating income for the movement or through our influence work on behalf of students across the UK. With the white paper published and the Teaching Excellence Framework and FE Area Reviews ongoing, we will make the case so not all these changes need to come about, not all of them have to be for worse, that students’ union can and do change lives for the better for thousands if not millions of students.

Please read Sorana’s blog or Shakira’s blog on why it is more important than ever to be part of a movement that stands together to make services and lives better on campuses.

“Leaving won’t affect prices on campus”

Each union holding a referenda would have received a benefits statement outlining the specific financial benefits of trading collectively with other unions through NUS. However some still claim prices will not rise. We have asked suppliers to comment on these claims.

“Diageo rewards customers through scale, efficiency and sales drivers- The everyday low price that NUS can offer to unions is as a direct result of these discounts.” - Rob Hill, Diageo

“Due to the large volumes purchased through the national NUS network NUS are able to negotiate strong commercial deals, this means unions can take advantage of National pricing at a local level.” - Darren Brand, National Account Manager, Carlsberg UK

You can find more Yes to NUS campaign resources and practical information on why NUS is great for students’ unions in one handy place on NUS Connect here


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