Women's Conference 2015 - Reminder about motions

Friday 09-01-2015 - 09:58

Delegates to NUS Women’s conference in March have three main roles – to hold the NUS Women’s Officer and Committee to account, to elect the campaign leadership for the year ahead and to discuss and vote on motions which will form women’s campaign policy for the year ahead. The deadline for motions to be submitted to NUS Women’s Conference is Thursday 15 January at 12pm. Policy may be submitted by any Constituent Member (students’ unions/associations/guilds) of NUS but must be submitted by a self-defining woman.

Policy to Women’s Conference can be submitted by college/university student unions that are constituent members of NUS. The names of submitters will not appear online, but will be printed in the final motions document for distribution at Women’s Conference.

You may submit up to six motions, all of which should be on different subjects. Policy at Women’s Conference is categorised into six areas: Society and Citizenship, Welfare and Student Rights, Education, Strong and Active Unions, Rules Revision. Do not submit more than one on the same subject or they may be ruled out of order.

The word limit for motions is 500 words; there is no word limit for motions that seek to make changes to the Rules.

You must email the motion to before the deadline. If other constituent members are seconding your motion, you should include the name of your seconders in the email and confirmed with them that they are happy to second the motion. If you do not do this, your motion may be ruled out of order.

A template for motions can be found at


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