Why you should come to our Women in Leadership Conference

Wednesday 02-12-2015 - 11:51

Our annual Women in Leadership Conference will take place on the 26 January 2016. This conference has gone from strength to strength and is the biggest gathering of women officers, staff and student leaders in the student movement.

Last year’s Women in Leadership conference was amazing, it brought together over 280 women from across the UK  and equipped us with the tools to encourage one another, to challenge sexism and the barriers women continue to face and to go on our leadership journeys with  confidenceThis year’s conference will be even better! We will be hearing from women who have taken the everyday instances of inequality and done something about it. Our keynote speaker is leading feminist author and campaigner Laura Bates from the Everyday Sexism Project and Siana Bangura, an intersectional feminist poet.

Although some successes have been achieved and we are beginning to see women in leadership roles in the movement, the inequality faced by women has not been eradicated. Women continue to face sexism and structural barriers to progression both in the movement and other sectors. This is why this conference is so important.Spaces that bring women together are important because they are transformational on an individual level, which then has a much wider impact in the spaces we occupy such as our place of work, study and social lives. The tools and knowledge we will develop at this conference will help us to challenge the barriers women face in the student movement and allow us to have a deeper positive impact on the spaces we occupy.

Women attending will have the opportunity to share their stories, feel empowered and learn new skills through a range of knowledge sessions on topics such as tackling Lad Culture, healthy productivity, intersectional feminism and how to build a success network. Acknowledging that we hold multiple identities and who we are as women is intersectional delegates will also have the opportunity to attend networking circles, where you can discuss challenges and solutions and build a network that works for you.

This is an event like no other as it allows women officers, staff and student leaders to network and share stories in a safe space

For the past two years the conference has been oversubscribed and has had to operate a waiting list.

To secure your place at Women in Leadership Conference 2016 register now!

I know it will be an amazing day and I look forward to seeing you all there.



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