Why the Government's response to the Trans Inquiry is inadequate

Friday 15-07-2016 - 13:14

NUS LGBT+ Campaign releases statement on the Government's response to the Women's and Equalities Committee Report on Transgender Equality.

The NUS LGBT+ Campaign has historically been at the forefront, rallying and fighting for the rights of transgender students and transgender equality as a whole. We are, in fact, trailblazers that champion LGBT+ equality and liberation as we were the first to add the letter “T” to the LGBT+ acronym and, this year, we made history by creating a full-time paid NUS Trans Officer position with an autonomous Trans campaign.

When Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, announced that the Government was conducting a trans inquiry, many transgender individuals were hopeful that their comments and concerns were going to be acknowledged, addressed, and taken seriously. The Government published their response to the report last week, and this is the NUS LGBT+ Campaign’s official statement to the response.

We are disappointed with the Government’s response as many transgender individuals, as well as the NUS LGBT+ campaign as a whole, took the time and effort to provide extensive evidence based on their lived experiences on an array of trans-specific issues, and yet the Government’s response did not indicate that any extensive actions were going to be taken. Not only was the response from the Government vague, but also a huge insult, as they have clearly not listened to the voices of trans people and have brushed off many concerns and issues, claiming that further evidence needs to be sought.

You can view and download our full briefing here.

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