Why I'm attending Black Leaders Conference 2015

Wednesday 21-10-2015 - 11:29

This is a blog written by Andita Santoso, Societies and CPA Coordinator at the University of Westminster Students' Union. 

Whilst I was at SU2015, I attended the Race Matters panel discussion and what resonated most with me was when a panel member said it has taken ten years for women to finally be seen as equals and be in top managerial positions, that wave is over now and it is time for NUS to tackle the issue of race and inequality and to encourage Black leadership amongst colleagues and students.

The Black Leaders Conference is the start of an incredible journey, which everyone needs to be a part of and which I jumped at the chance to be involved with.

This is the first ever Black Leaders Conference and I now have the chance ask questions knowing that there will be other people around me who can genuinely relate to. I'm looking forward to hearing from one of the keynote speakers, Linda Bellos OBE, and to take part in the workshops that have been designed especially for this conference. I'm keen to take what we will learn and share it with my students and the rest of my team.

This is a unique opportunity for Black SU staff and officers across the UK to collectively meet and network. I can happily say my own team are a diverse bunch - we are five women to one man, which is empowering and encouraging for the future and I would like to share this experience with others during the conference. The range of experiences that will be shared will be important in the progression of how we can make, not break Black leaders.

All Black staff and officers should attend this conference as it will be our space to talk about what matters and how we can move forward together, using as many networks and channels as possible to get our voices heard. What you will learn from the conference you can take back to your SU and inform our Black students of the opportunities and the need for Black leaders in the student movement.

NUS Black Leader's Conference 2015 takes place in Sheffield on Wednesday 11 November and you can book your place hereFor further information about the Black Leaders Conference please contact Mandeep Rupra-DaineNUS Equality & Diversity Consultant. 

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