When ethics get inspiring

Tuesday 05-03-2019 - 13:51

As part of our continued commitment to ensuring all our suppliers comply with our ethical and environmental policy, NUS is adopting a new approach in the tender process.

In December, the Trading Support team invited all hot drinks suppliers going through tendering to tell us about their environmental and ethical credentials.

The aim was to get a greater understanding of what matters most to suppliers when it comes to ethics and how they approach key issues such as deforestation, farm sustainability, modern slavery, supply-chain labour conditions and packaging.  

Mel Kee, Chair of NUS' Ethical Engagement Board stated: “It was great to see all our hot drinks suppliers come in and specifically talk about their ethical and environmental practices and to have the opportunity to ask questions and encourage positive change.”

Trading Support will be rolling out this new approach across all the categories but in the meantime, if you want to learn more about these initial sessions, take a look at the January issue of Trading insight.   Alternatively, come along to the NUS Convention workshop: ‘When ethics get inspiring’. The session will take a look at NUS’ new approach to ethics and demonstrate how it will lead us to working with forward-thinking suppliers with one inspiring supplier showcasing their story. 



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