What’s On the Agenda at Policy Development Convention?

Tuesday 24-11-2015 - 14:38

Policy Development Convention is a meeting of all members of the National Executive Council and Zone Committees. This meeting is a key step in the development of proposals to National Conference 2016.

At Policy Development Convention, Zone Committees will create their policy recommendations for the year ahead. 

Zones Conference delegates explored the key issues affecting students and several key themes have emerged which will debated at PDC. 

Key Themes

For more information on the policy key theme visit the 'shape our work' pages here.

Policy Development Convention will discuss and debate these issues. Zone Committees will then write their proposals for National Conference in April. 

Policy debates will be streamed live on Connect. PDC will be available to watch live on Tuesday 1 December from 16:30. There will be a break at 17:45, and a second debate at 18:00. 

For more information on Policy Development Convention and the live policy debates visit 'shape our work' here. 


Shape Our Work

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