What has the EU ever done for sustainability?

Thursday 05-05-2016 - 14:19

With the EU referendum just seven weeks away, we look at its environmental successes.

Known as the ‘dirty man of Europe’ before joining the EU in 1973, the UK has come a long way on sustainability over the last four decades.

EU regulation has led to us having cleaner beaches, better air quality, increased recycling provision, and a leading role in tackling climate change.

Speaking with the RSPB’s Martin Harper, Friends of the Earth’s Sam Lowe, and Ukip MEP Stuart Agnew, NUS student journalist Daisy Dunne takes a closer look at the impact that EU membership has on our environment:

We have produced a full briefing for students' unions campaigning around the referendum - Sustainability and the EU - which is hosted on our We Want In hub.


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