What has NUS ever done for us? …Quite a lot actually!

Wednesday 14-09-2016 - 15:25

NUS is the largest student organisation in the UK with 563 active member Students’ Unions representing millions of students.


We are dedicated to improving the lives of students and work tirelessly to make sure your students’ voices are heard. But it’s not just about campaigning and policy; we also appreciate the smaller things that can make a big difference to your students’ lives, such as saving money on everyday essentials and having access to better services.

Here’s how NUS is working for you and your students …

NUS extra cardholders benefit from hundreds of discounts, with students reporting that they save an average of £54 a year*. On top of that, every 1-year card sold generates £4.70 commission for your Students’ Union, helping you to provide better services and support to your students. This ‘extra’ income makes a big difference – an income Students’ Unions would lose if they weren’t a member of NUS. 

Right now your students could make their £12 NUS extra purchase back in a week with big money-saving deals such as up to 40% off at Pizza Express, a half price Spotify Premium subscription and 10% off food and drink at the Co-op, not to mention our great choice of fashion, beauty and entertainment discounts. Find out more about NUS extra here.

But it’s not just about watching the pennies… There’s a whole host of services that NUS membership offers that you may not know about…

As a member of the NUS Purchasing Consortium, your union shops and bars can buy wholesale food and drink collectively to receive better deals, meaning you can make important cost savings and offer the best deals and promotions to your students.

We’ve also recently announced an exciting partnership with Yoyo Wallet – a mobile payment app that unlocks even more discounts and allows students to collect loyalty points to spend on participating campuses. From November, your students will even be able to buy or add their NUS extra card in to the wallet!

NUS Purchasing Consortium members are entitled to a significant reduction on set up and running costs for YoYo Wallet, and that’s not all… our Trading Support team negotiate further discounts and promotions with suppliers that are exclusive to Yoyo users. This team also works closely with unions to provide expert purchasing advice and support, ensuring that you’re getting the best deals and your doors stay open!

In the last year, SUs have used our legal advice service for support during the general election, EU Referendum and to understand their responsibilities under the government’s Prevent agenda.

Being a member of NUS gives students’ unions a much louder voice and better access to key decision makers on big student issues. We are currently working to prevent tuition fee rises for current and future students, the merger and closure of FE colleges and campuses and you can join us for the National Demo: United for Education on 19 November.

NUS also provides invaluable support for SUs across the country through the NUS Insight team. Affiliated unions can commission detailed research that helps them shape and develop their student services.

Whether it’s networking, training, consultation or advice, we have a vast programme of annual events, online resources and learning opportunities for officers and union staff only available to NUS affiliates.

If you’d like to know more about NUS and the work we do, visit How We Work.  You’ll discover there’s a lot more to us than meets the eye!

* Source: NUS Cardholder Satisfaction Survey, 2016


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