What happened during our NSS consultation meetings?

Thursday 01-09-2016 - 16:56

This week we spoke to officers about proposals for upcoming action on the National Student Survey (NSS).

At National Conference 2016, delegates mandated us to find the most effective strategy for challenging the government's higher education reforms, by either boycotting or sabotaging the NSS.

The NSS is being targeted because the government intends to use the results as a measure in their new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which in turn will affect tuition fees for home undergraduate students.

In the wake of the government’s Higher Education and Research Bill, some universities have already begun announcing a rise in tuition fees.

On Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 August we hosted two consultation meetings - a follow up to our online survey completed by 57 students’ unions - where we invited officers to inform decision making around the campaign actions.

Officers from 21 different students’ unions met to discuss three proposals for action on the NSS; a full boycott, a sabotage, and an abstention on the specific TEF-related questions.

The officers also explored the issues surrounding each NSS action, discussed the needs and concerns of our membership, and developed ideas for actions; giving us clarity on the direction member unions wish to take around the TEF.

What happens next?

Following this consultation, we will be producing a brief report before Sorana Vieru, NUS Vice President (Higher Education) and Malia Bouattia, National President, decide on the campaign’s next steps.

For more information about our upcoming campaign activity around the NSS, please contact


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