What happened at Disabled Students' Conference

Friday 26-06-2015 - 14:57

It was a pleasure to meet all the delegates at this year's conference and share an uplifting couple of days with you. We debated and passed motions, had great workshops on campaigning and mobilising and even played some giant (well sort of) games…

After the General Election – what’s next?

The results of the General Election were on everyone’s mind at Conference. It’s clear that we need to unite and mobilise to fight the austerity agenda. We’ve put together an analysis of the potential impact of Conservative policies which you can read here, and view the accompanying presentation here.

Now is a great time to start thinking about how you will influence and work with your local MP.

Disabled Students’ Allowance Update

The fight for a DSA that is fit for purpose and accessible to everyone who needs it continues. There have been a number of developments in the campaign on DSA in the last few months. This briefing is an update for officers, activists and SU staff on the current situation, with a focus on the proposed changes affecting students from England, with news for Welsh students too.

Working together

Conference was joined by a number of external organisations who came along to share information about their work and help us build connections with the wider disability movement. A big thank you to Nightline, Parliamentary Outreach Group, WinVisible and Young Epilepsy.

DSC Election results

I was delighted to be re-elected to serve as your Disabled Students’ Officer for the year ahead. Elections were also held for Disabled Students’ Committee and NEC 2nd Place. You can see the full election results here.

Disabled Students’ Campaign Awards  

Conference is a great chance to recognise and celebrate the hard work and achievements of activists and students’ unions across the movement who are making a real contribution to the lives of Disabled students across the country. We were delighted to present the following awards this year:

  • Disabled Students’ Campaign of the Year 2015 – UCLU Disabled Students’ Network – Try It! Campaign
  • Disabled Students’ Campaign Union of the Year 2015 (HE) – Kent Union
  • Disabled Students’ Campaign Union of the Year 2015 (FE) – Derwen College Students’ Union
  • Disabled Students’ Campaign Activist of the Year 2015 – Rahul Singh

Congratulations to all award nominees and winners!

Disability Leadership

Conference also saw the launch of our new Disability Leadership hub – a platform to explore, promote and defend Disability leadership. Alongside this development, we’re launching leadership coaching for Disabled students, bringing together those who want to develop their leadership with coaches who will guide, mentor and support them. To sign-up now to access coaching, or to become a coach visit here.

Staying in touch

Feel free to stay in touch with the campaign and myself on social media  via Twitter - @NUSDSC or Facebook Maddy-Kirkman DSO.

Click here to subscribe to the Disabled Students’ Jiscmail, a mailing list that helps you connect with other Disabled students’ from across the country.

In unity,

Maddy Kirkman



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