What do you know about your institution's investments?

Wednesday 18-11-2015 - 17:27

We’re doing some work around our education sector’s investments – and we want to ask you and your students a few questions about it. And you could win £250.

As part of some work we’re doing on investments, pensions and financial interests across our universities and colleges, we’d like the views of staff and students on the issue. Can you spare a few minutes to answer some questions

We want to know how much you already know about your institution’s investments – but don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about investments or pensions to take part.  We’re also interested in what you think about the sort of industries we put our money in. And we’re wondering how much influence you feel you have over what happens with endowments at your university or college.

It just takes ten minutes. And once you’re done, please share it across as many students and staff at your students’ union and institution as possible. You can find some suggested email text here – but feel free to share on social media too.

This will help shape a really exciting piece of work over the years ahead, so we’d really value your insight.

Take the survey now. And then share it across your students’ union and institution.


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