Welcome Michael Wigg, UnionCloud Community Engagement Manager

Wednesday 10-12-2014 - 14:59

We’ve become aware that as members ask for more and more functionality, so the platform becomes infinitely more powerful (the latest release is testament to that) but it also become more complex and this is proving difficult for some of our members to adapt to.  

Trent Students

It’s also clear that some of our members are struggling with some IT tasks, such as formatting data for importing where the source data from the institution is either incorrect or poorly formatted.

With this in mind we’re changing the way we treat support activities, moving from reactive technical support to proactive community engagement and we’ve appointed Michael Wigg to the role of Community Engagement Manager for UnionCloud. 

Some will know Michael in his role as Head of Membership Engagement at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union.  Trent were previously top performers on the old BAM system and have the same accolade on UnionCloud. 

They are consistently top for engagement, election turnout and commercial activity and much of this is down to Michael.

It is useful for us all that Michael is job sharing with his current one at Nottingham Trent, and can speak to you and your teams from an engagement perspective rather than a technical one.

Michael will also be a strong voice for community feedback, representing your needs amongst our development priorities. 

More information on our new approach to feedback will be communicated early in the new-year but for now please continue to use the Get Satisfaction forum.



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