We stand in complete solidarity with the Rhodes Must Fall campaign

Monday 29-02-2016 - 16:44

The NUS Black Students Campaign stands in full support and solidarity with the Rhodes Must Fall movements in Oxford and South Africa.

Representing every student of African, Caribbean, Asian, Arab and Latin American heritage in Britain, we know all too well, that our fight for education sees us over represented in colleges and universities, but under represented at those at the top of the existing social hierarchy - Oxford being one of them. It is no coincidence, that Oxford's elite classism, long history of excluding women from many of its colleges, in addition to its colonial contributions, make it one of the most male, pale and stale places of learning in Britain.

White supremacy is built into the very structures of Oxford University's buildings, with the statues, names of buildings and physical structures all uncritically celebrating an Empire which dehumanises every student we are elected to represent. There can be no doubt, that part of Decolonising the student population, staff composition and curriculum, must involve a critical engagement with the physical relics of Empire.

When we say Rhodes Must Fall, we are not simply talking about a statue: we speak to the philosophy of racial violence and apartheid, the myth of white superiority and the reality of white domination which were are dedicated to dismantling. Rhodes Must Fall Oxford is part of a wider struggle for decolonial learning, and anti-imperialist struggle, and we are proud to call them an ally.

Join the Mass March for Decolonisation: What Lies Beneath Oxford - 8 March

Find out more about the event here




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