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Thursday 19-02-2015 - 14:33

Our Day of Action on Thursday 26 February is a chance to demonstrate how we are connected in our communities and that we will fight to protect our public and local services.  

It’s sometimes implied that a divide exists between students and their local communities but in actuality, we are members of these communities and have just as much of a stake in them as anyone else. We too face many common challenges – whether it’s access to housing, transport or the NHS.

For this Day of Action, we’re asking SUs to collaborate with members of the public to campaign on shared issues and to use this collective power into action for positive change, showing local MPs and PPCs that we’re connected on these issues.

What we’re calling for
There are three policy asks which we’re calling on politicians to act on. We want a New Deal for the next generation on:

  • Stop Letting Agency Fees - The next government should scrap letting agent fees so that students are clear on the costs of renting from the beginning, and are able to spread their costs across the year.
  • Free bus travel for 16-19 year olds - The next government should grant free bus travel for all 16 to 19 year olds to ensure that no young person is prevented from taking up an opportunity due to transport costs. 
  • Reverse the NHS Bill - By the end of the next parliament, we want the government to reverse the Health and Social Care Bill, go back to the drawing board, and ensure that we have a National Health Service that is public, accountable and fit for purpose for our lifetimes and beyond.

Take Action
We want students’ unions to go out into their local communities and gather personal testimonies on the public services people use in their local area and how they would be/are affected by cuts to these services. Ideas and question suggestions can be found in our campaign briefing, but for starters, you could…

  • Go to a local drop in NHS centre.
  • Go and talk to a group of nursing students.
  • Go to a local bus station.
  • Go to a local youth centre.

How you collect these testimonies is entirely up to you – we’ve created a print-ready card which you can download here and ask people to fill in for the action. Alternatively you can direct people to our ‘Take Action’ page online at

As you talk to people, take photos with them or collate their signatures and tweet these to your local PPC’s/MP, demonstrating that your students and their wider communities are connected on these issues.

Other ways your students’ union can get involved
Looking for more ways to engage your students with the Day Of Action? Here are some quick actions:

  • Start talking to your students about our three key policy asks above and invite them to share their opinions and experiences across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #GenerationVote. We’ll share the best on our live feed throughout the day!
  • Remind your students that they can show politicians they want local public services to be protected by registering to vote in the General Election on Thursday 7 May.

Need more information?
We’ve put together this campaign briefing with more information and ideas around the days actions.

In the run up to the General Election, NUS is holding regular Days of Action covering the key themes across the New Deal. You can find more information on our upcoming Days of Action online or by getting in touch with


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