We ran a workshop to change alcohol-related behaviours

Friday 10-03-2017 - 11:10

Changing alcohol-related behaviours is a complex and challenging task; this day sought to build capacity for effective, carefully planned and targetted responses.

Last month, NUS’s Alcohol Impact programme ran a workshop day for HE students’ union officers and staff, and institution staff to explore the individual, social and material (ISM) behaviour change tool. The tool was originally used by the Scottish Government to help them develop their Climate Change Plan.

The creator of the ISM tool, Andrew Darnton, and a team of ISM facilitators led the day. Through interactive sessions, delegates mapped out alcohol-related ‘problem behaviours’, and designed potential interventions to deliver back on campus.

The day was structured around three themes:

  • Pre-drinking by first year undergraduates in halls of residence
  • Alcohol and violence
  • Tackling irresponsible drinking and lad-culture

Wish you'd been there? Here are some key resources from the day: 



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