We must unite to protect education

Monday 14-11-2016 - 17:09

With less than a week to go until the National Demo on #Nov19, NUS Scotland President Vonnie Sandlan talks about why she’s marching.


This Saturday #Nov19, hundreds of NUS Scotland students and officers will make the journey to London to unite and march in solidarity with students across the UK.

Now – perhaps more than ever before – we need to stick together. It is vital that we unite to stand up against a Westminster government that sees education as a commodity.

As the government attacks education south of the border, your fight is our fight. On #Nov19 and always, we’ll stand by you to fight against Further Education college closures, job losses and rising student debt.

Our universities are public institutions - the education they provide is vital to empower individuals and their communities. But since coming to power in 2010, the Tories have been fixated on turning universities in England into businesses charging ever increasing fees.

Fee-free education for home students in Scotland is proof that universities can be world-leading without charging students thousands of pounds a year. We know this doesn’t create fully free and fair education on its own, but it’s an incredibly important starting point and we’ll continue to campaign to protect it.

Meanwhile, with fees in England on track to reach £12,000 a year by 2026, going to university is sliding out of reach for more and more people. We must act now to stop university education becoming a privilege that can only be afforded by an elite few.

This year, we’ve seen racism, fascism and xenophobia on the rise after the UK voted to leave the EU. We’ll be marching to demand that the UK Government takes responsibility for this and works to tackle it now.

We’ll also be marching for EU students – our colleagues, friends, neighbours and partners. Our future is bleak without them and it’s time to demand that the government let them stay – Brexit or no Brexit.

On #Nov19, we will unite to demand a better future for students across the UK. We will unite in solidarity for education.

Visit the Demo hub here for all demo logistics and other important info. 


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