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Friday 04-12-2015 - 12:49

At Policy Development Convention on the 1 and 2 December, policy debates and the National Executive Council were streamed live on Connect. Recordings of all debates are now avaliable.

Policy Development Convention is made up of all Zone Committees and NEC, and is a meeting to discuss and agree policy that will be proposed to National Conference.

Debates were recorded on these key themes:
- Area Reviews in Further Education
- The Marketisation of Higher Education
- Student Opportunities 
- Fossil Fuel Divestment
- Prisoner Education
- The Welfare State 

The NEC is made up of elected representatives from member Students' Unions. This recording is an opportunity to keep updated on what the NEC are debating and approving. 

The following 7 Motions passed in the order that they were discussed: 

‘Emergency Motion 1: Don’t Bomb Syria’ 
‘Emergency Motion 2: Support Adil Waraich’ 
‘Motion 7 | Red Card to the Green Paper’ 
‘Motion 9 | Counter-extremism’ 
‘Motion 13| #Saveourcolleges – Interim response to Area Review of post-16 education and training’ 
‘Motion 1 | F**K Funding Factions’ passed with parts taken to delete all but believes 1 and 4
‘Motion 2 | Automatic Voter Registration’ 

The resolutions from this meeting can be found on the NEC Hub.


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