Watch NEC Live on 28 February

Friday 24-02-2017 - 16:38

On Tuesday 28 February 2017 we will be live-streaming the National Executive Council meeting. You will be able to access the live stream right here from 11.00am - 5.00pm. At the meeting council members will discuss and agree the motions that NEC will submit to National Conference. Council members have submitted five motions for debate at this meeting.

The papers, officer reports and motions submitted by council members are all online at the NEC Hub.

Who's who on the NEC? 

The National Executive Council is made up of 46 elected Officers and Councilors and chaired by the NUS National President. Visit the NEC Hub to find out more about who they are and what they do. 

Motions submitted to NEC

We'll be streaming reports from members and debates on the following motions:​

Motion 1: Support Picturehouse Strikers

Motion 2: NUS to Condemn Muslim Ban

Motion 3: Motion of Censure for VP UD

Motion 4: Condemn the violation of BDS policy

Motion 5: Unaccompanied Children in France

Motions Submitted to National Conference

Motion 1: Combatting Racism and Facism


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