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Monday 11-07-2016 - 10:10

On Monday 18 July we will be filming and live streaming the National Executive Council meeting. You will be able to access the live stream on Connect from 2.00pm - 4.00pm for NEC reports and motion debate.

The National Executive Council will be live streamed for all members to watch on NUS Connect.

There are 46 members of the National Executive Council chaired by the NUS National President.

We'll be streaming reports from members and debates on these motions:

Ordinary NEC Motions

  • Motion 1 | International Co-operation with Student Organisations - The Bergen Decleration
  • Motion 2 | ARAF Motion
  • Motion 3 | Protect Lifelong Learning
  • Motion 4 | Defending Black and Migrant Communities after the referendum
  • Motion 5 | Defend Education - No Fees and Cuts: Protest Outside Tory Party Conference 2016
  • Motion 6 | Practical Support for International Students
  • Motion 7 | #YestoNUS

The NEC is made up of elected representatives from member Students' Unions and this is an opportunity to keep updated on what the NEC are debating and approving. The NEC will be streamed from 14:00 on Monday 18 July and finish at 16:00. To view the agenda and times of items download the papers here.

To learn more about the NEC and who your representatives are visit our NEC Hub here. 


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