Want to tackle drinking culture on your campus?

Monday 27-04-2015 - 16:41

Our new accreditation mark Alcohol Impact has started shifting the social norms of drinking culture across campuses and communities. Now your union can take part too.

Do you want to take action on drinking culture across your student body?

Alcohol Impact provides a structured framework for working in partnership with your institution to take action on this crucial welfare issue.

Building on the successful behaviour change work we’ve carried out to drive sustainability, Alcohol Impact provides a workbook of criteria for you and your institution to work through together.

This can be from providing non-alcoholic spaces at flagship events, to taking action on aggressive marketing and discounts, to providing new transport services across the community.

Across the year, with ongoing one to one support from us, you can create institutional change on drinking culture.

At the end, we audit your institution and students’ union to evaluate your progress, and you’ll be recognised as an accredited institution and students’ union if your impact has been effective.

In our pilot year, participants have achieved wins like:

  • doubling the number of non-alcoholic social events,
  • reducing alcohol related bans from venues by 30 per cent,
  • cutting down the number of students who say they drink to get drunk

We know that binge drinking can lead to serious health issues and anti-social behaviour across student communities. But it’s not inevitable. There’s so much positive change we can make, without being draconian or telling students not to drink at all.

Together, we can shift the social norms of drinking culture. We can create a more inclusive campus experience, and we can reshape the relationships between your student population and the wider community.

Talk to us about Alcohol Impact, check out more details, and sign up for 2015/16 today.


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