USSA grants Honorary Life Membership to Nikos Pappas

Wednesday 20-05-2015 - 12:31

The University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (USSA) has recognised Nikos Pappas, the Minister of State of the Syrzia Government of Greece, for his contribution to society economics and political life. 

Pappas, a recent economics researcher at Strathclyde, was elected in the popular people’s movement in Greece and has worked to build the fight against austerity and to build a people’s economy in Greece and across Europe. The Association conferred to him the highest honour of Honorary Life-Membership in recognition of this work.

Gary Paterson, President of USSA said:

“I am delighted to award Nikos with our highest honour in recognition of the inspiring work Nikos and Syrzia are doing in Greece and across Europe to rebalance the economic injustices facing working people.

“Nikos was recently an economics researcher at Strathclyde before returning to Greece to take part in the movement which is now setting examples across our continent; showing us the need for a public economy that works for all people with close ties to grassroots communities.

"Scotland has a lot of parallels with Greece which is seeing a massive movement for change with the previously disenfranchised. On the back of the referendum, and as we move into post-Election Scotland with a UK Government committed to austerity, there are many lessons we must learn from Greece.

“I am delighted Nikos can come back to his university to share his story to inspire the students of Scotland in the fight for a fairer society across Europe.


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