USSA eradicates zero hour contracts

Friday 24-10-2014 - 10:21

The University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (USSA) has banned the use of zero hour contracts.

The decision to eradicate zero hour contracts means that all staff are now guaranteed a minimum number of hours work, paid annual leave and  get sick pay.

Zero hour contracts were previously used for casual and catering members of staff, but the Students’ Union has decided that without them staff would have better working conditions and an improved quality of life.

USSA President, Gary Paterson, said: “Zero hours contracts are the shame of our society... [they] steal the rights and securities of students who often have to take whatever work they can get, whilst giving them only unstable work in return.

This exploitation is of no benefit to students, so I am proud to say that USSA will no longer entertain the use of zero hours contracts.

"Many of our casual staff are students who require flexibility and security; we can provide both without the need for zero hours contracts.

"We also recognise that our non-student staff work tirelessly to ensure students are supported in making the most of their university life. Our members and staff are the greatest resource we have and it’s important that they are valued. After all, the students of today are the workforce of tomorrow.

"Zero hours contracts are unstable and come with none of the security afforded to normal contracts which makes it very difficult for people to know what their income will be and how they will survive from month to month.

"How can we expect staff to feel valued and supported if they cannot afford to take a holiday from work, or recuperate when they are sick? It’s not good for individuals’ self-esteem and it doesn’t make economic sense.

"We believe zero hours contracts should become a thing of the past. If we can do it, so can other businesses and organisations. We challenge the university and other public bodies, as well as our wider society, to follow suit.”

For more information contact Gary Paterson, USSA President on

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