University of West Scotland students Snap It Off

Friday 17-07-2015 - 17:01

Snap It Off is our way of letting you take action on energy waste instantly. This year, we gave £500 to our best performing union – University of West Scotland Students’ Union.

Hundreds of students across the UK, sick of seeing lights switched on in brightly lit or empty spaces, are taking action through Snap It Off.

By just taking a picture and uploading it to our website, we get in touch with the energy manager and get them to deal with the issue. For taking action on energy waste, students who upload photos can win prizes every month. And every year, we give £500 to the students’ union who provide the most photos.

This year the winning union was University of West Scotland Students’ Union.

“We felt that it was important to run Snap it Off at Univeristy of West Scotland to bring the relevant staff members' attention to the fact that there is much energy being unnecessarily wasted”, said Naomi Arnold, sustainable behaviour coordinator.

“Snap It Off was a particularly good way to do this, as it was through the student's observations which shows staff that the students attending are concerned about such issues”

Using the information provided by students, the estates team at the university have been able to make changes around campus to save energy. And with the £500 they’ve won, they’ll be able to drive even more positive action.

It’s easy to take action with Snap It Off at your union too. Just encourage your students to take photos of lights which have been left on that they can’t switch off themselves, and upload them to our website.

Talk to us about Snap It Off and get resources to promote the campaign.




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