United for Education: Scotland's Road to the Demo

Tuesday 06-09-2016 - 11:02

On #Nov19 students, college and university staff and activists across the UK are mobilising in London for United for Education NUS and UCU national demonstration.

Education is under attack across the UK like never before. We’ve seen the closure of FE colleges in England, jobs have been lost, and students are being forced deeper and deeper into debt by a government happy to see companies making profit off the back of student poverty. It’s time to take a stand.


United for Education: Scotland’s role in the demo

We are marching because:

  • EU students are our colleagues, friends, neighbours and partners. We can’t afford a future without them/our future is bleak without them. We demand the UK Government let EU students stay. 
  • Racism, fascism and xenophobia are on the rise after the vote to leave the EU. We demand the UK Government take responsibility and tackle it now.  
  • The UK Government is attacking education south of the border. It’s time for us to show solidarity and demand a better future for students from the rest of the UK.


Scotland's Road to the Demo

In the lead up to the demo we're holding a number of opportunities for you to find out more about the demo and to help you to mobilise students for the demo:


The Road to the National Demo, Monday 12 September, SOAS, London
A FREE training and mobilising event is being held for students’ union officers, staff and activists to prepare for the #Nov19 United for Education NUS & UCU national demonstration. Register here.


Scotland webinar – Monday 19 September 2-3.30
We understand that the situation is different in Scotland, and that the way we go about mobilising for the demo might be different too. That’s why we’ve organised a webinar for students’ associations in Scotland to virtually attend to find out more about the United for Education demo. Sign up for the webinar by contacting 


Regional mobilisation events
The webinar will be followed up by regional forum events held across Scotland aimed at helping you to plan your actions for the demo with other students’ associations in your area and to help you to mobilise your students for the demo. If you're interested in hosting a regional forum event at your students' association or would like support on campus to mobilise students please get in touch on



Check out our United for Education demo resources on the campaign's NUS Connect page. Here you'll find a demo briefing, sign up sheets, United for Education posters, pictures for social media and you can find out what other students' unions are doing to mobilise students for the demo.


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