UnionCloud performance update

Wednesday 10-12-2014 - 15:08

We pay a premium to host UnionCloud at Amazon’s EC2 data centre in the Republic of Ireland, one of the most secure hosting environments in the world.

Amazon Servers

UnionCloud itself has been designed to scale, technically known as elastic hosting, to allow us to switch on more servers automatically depending on load. However, like any high transaction site such as ticketing for popular events, there can be times where performance suffers.

At certain times, usage across our platform has jumped in excess of 7,000% in a matter of seconds, it is a true national high-use digital platform, which has led to response times being slower than our standard.

Performance tuning is a costly and ever moving feast and is a constant activity we carry out in the background. We are in the process of making significant changes to our infrastructure and systems during the Spring to significantly improve performance during the peak periods of activity.

You can help ensure we can plan support and future load effectively by telling us the dates for your elections, welcome week periods and major ticketed events such as grad balls.

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