UK Government shows ‘staggering disregard’ for Scottish education

Friday 13-09-2019 - 16:02

NUS Scotland has warned that Scottish universities are set to be ‘undercut’ by the UK Government with thousands of EU students at risk of not being able to study in Scotland after Brexit. This comes following a debate in the Scottish Parliament on European Temporary Leave to Remain arrangements proposed by the UK Government.  

In the event of a No Deal, the UK Government has proposed granting Euro Temporary Leave to Remain (‘Euro TLR’) for three years, despite Scottish undergraduate degrees taking four years to complete.

According to UCAS, the amount of EU students applying to study in Scotland has dropped by 4% since 2018 and 15% overall since 2016, the year of the EU referendum.


Commenting, NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe:

“The UK Government has, once again, shown a staggering disregard for Scotland’s distinctive education system. This decision will needlessly discourage EU students wishing to study in Scotland and will directly disadvantage our institutions in relation to those across the rest of the UK.


“As it stands, EU students may be denied the opportunity to study in Scotland due to the UK Government’s short-sighted, impractical, and ignorant policy-making. Despite raising this issue repeatedly, the UK Government refuse to change course, and are consciously undercutting our institutions’ ability to attract students from across the EU.


“With the harrowing possibility of a no-deal Brexit now only a matter of weeks away, the UK Government must finally listen to our warnings. We must welcome EU students, immediately revise Euro TLR, introduce a post-study work visa and change course before it is too late."


NUS Scotland

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