UCAS figures showing record demand for university places in 2011

Monday 31-01-2011 - 00:00

The National  Union of Students (NUS) today commented on UCAS figures, which showed a 5.1% increase in applications and record demand for university places in 2011 prior to the planned tripling of the tuition fee cap in 2012. The union said that the Government must urgently act on the shortage of places and provide opportunities and funding for the future.

Aaron Porter, NUS President said:

"Prospective students in their thousands are applying to university now rather than later, seeking to escape the Government's tripling of the cap on tuition fees next year. But for the third year running a cap on student numbers looks set to leave tens, if not hundreds of thousands of well-qualified applicants without a place and forced to contemplate both a long process of reapplying next year and facing huge increase in fees."

"Ministers are at risk of letting down a generation, who have had opportunities taken away from them and must urgently provide opportunities and funding for our future."



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