Tracker research: Retail Tracker

Tuesday 22-09-2020 - 14:15

The Trading Support research trackers are a specific students union annual study on lifestyles, behaviours, purchase intentions and the competitive landscape for commercial services within retailing, food, to go, coffee, catering and licensed trade.

They enable us to track changes in trends with product categories and by product and are part of the suite of information and data we use to inform planning in particular, stocking decisions and programme enhancements, developments and promotions.  These trackers are also available to members as part of a suite of tools to help members to develop and plan strategic change

This year we’re looking at the Trackers from the perspective of how things have changed for students during the pandemic, so we can better understand the potentially huge impact on their habits.

The first Tracker to launch is the Retail tracker. 

We’ve produced a survey promotion pack with links, suggested email, SMS and social copy and images you can use so please plan this into your communications content plans in the coming weeks. 

Please use the promotion pack available and share the link as widely as possible. We’ll be promoting the survey on our websites, social and via newsletters over the next 2 weeks. Remember students need to participate by 9am on 5 October for the Retail Tracker.

If you have any questions regarding the survey please contact: Jo Heuston or Insight at NUS



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