The Low Pay Commission

Wednesday 09-09-2015 - 16:37

Each year NUS makes a submission to the Low Pay Commission, who make recommendations to the government on the rate of the National Minimum Wage.

Last year, NUS managed to secure a 21% increase in the minimum wage for apprentices through its lobbying of the LPC. We want to go further this year, including securing equalisation of the minimum wage rate for all ages and apprentices, and taking steps towards a genuine Living Wage. 

We would like to invite students’ unions to make their own submissions to the LPC’s consultation, either through providing evidence of filling in the LPC’s short survey here. The deadline for submissions is 25 September. 

You may wish to include in your submissions a reiteration of NUS’ own recommendations to the Commission. These are: 

1.       That the Low Pay Commission recommends to Government the equalisation of the National Minimum Wage so all workers, including apprentices and regardless of age, receive the same rate and that rate is set at the adult rate. More specifically, NUS urge the Government and the LPC to reconsider the exclusion of under-25s from the upcoming ‘national living wage’. 

2.       That the LPC recommend the adult rate of the NMW be set at the real Living Wage rate (presently £9.15ph in London and £7.85ph elsewhere) as set by the Living Wage Foundation, further accounting for the government’s proposed cut in working tax credits.

3.       That the LPC should continue to recommend strong action is taken to enforce minimum wage rules around apprenticeships, internships and unpaid work experience, to avoid further exploitation of young workers.

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