The Green Party release their General Election manifesto

Tuesday 14-04-2015 - 17:51

The Green Party today released their General Election 2015 manifesto.

Earlier today the Green Party launched their manifesto which the leader of their Party, Natalie Bennett, has dubbed a ‘model for ending Thatcherism’ and a ‘peaceful, political revolution’. In addition to cutting public transport fares by ten per cent and introducing a 60 per cent rate of income tax, the Green Party have pledged to reverse privatisation of the NHS.

A number of key demands outlined in The Green Party’s manifesto closely mirror the demands in our New Deal for the Next Generation that students and student unions’ have been campaigning for. The manifesto includes commitments to:

  • A ‘comprehensive and inclusive’ youth service, including youth clubs, youth councils and non-curricular education and training
  • Free local public transport to young people and students
  • Restrict stop and search powers
  • Free higher education and abolish student loans.
  • Votes at 16
  • No unpaid full-time internship lasting more than four weeks
  • To introduce a national Living Wage
  • Compulsory PHSE curriculum– including sex and relationship education
  • Repeal Health and Social Care Act
  • Restore Education Maintenance Allowance
  • Abolish letting agent fees
  • End zero hour’s contracts

The further education and skills section of the manifesto calls for reform of the education system, providing a ‘real choice of academic and vocational areas, or a mixture of them’ and training in the skills needed to build a low-carbon economy. Additionally, the manifesto calls for an extra £1.5 billion investment in further education and a guaranteed apprenticeship to any 16-25 year old who wants one and a 30% increase in  funding for apprenticeships.

For higher education  the manifesto outlines a commitment to ending tuition fees in HE, reintroducing the block grant to universities, providing higher student grants (and a long term basic income for students),  a long term plan to scrap post-grad fees, and a commitment to restore access to lifelong learning.

The Green Party have also outlined their support for fair pay on campuses saying that there has been a growth of zero hours contracts for service workers on campuses, whilst university departmental money is routinely wasted on expensive private sector practices – including marketing and advertising, which reflects the marketization in higher education. 

Tomorrow sees the publication on the Liberal Democrats manifesto – and we’ll be producing a summary of this tomorrow afternoon. 


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