The future of quality conversation

Thursday 29-01-2015 - 15:58

On Wednesday 21 January, NUS Scotland and sparqs held a joint event to support students’ associations in writing their response to the consultation on the future of quality arrangements

This consultation explores how the Quality Enhancement Framework could be adapted and changed to meet changes in higher education in the future. College and university officers and staff attended the event, and was significant as it was the first time that both college and university officers had discussed the issue of quality in higher education together. 

Ideas from the event, which is reflected in NUS Scotland’s response to the consultation, included:

•    Student engagement should be a guiding principle rather than stand-alone pillare
•    The Enhancement Themes should be more outcome focused
•    Improvement for learning and teaching shouldn’t be based soley on NSS results, other forms of public information are needed

The Quality Enhancement Framework consultation is due on 6 February 2015. You can download NUS Scotland’s draft consultation response here.

If you would like to feed in to NUS Scotland’s response, or would like support submitting your own response please contact Megan McHaney, Policy and Public Affairs Officer on 


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