The apprentice levy doesn't go far enough to close the gender pay gap

Monday 31-10-2016 - 15:16

Last week the government announced key information on how the apprentice levy will work, including a number of measures to make sure apprenticeships are “open to everyone”.

NUS and NSoA are concerned that whilst there are new funding caps for apprenticeships there is no lower limit. We are worried that this will mean employers choosing the cheapest apprenticeship training providers rather than providers with a track record of good quality vocational education.

The new funding arrangements, with their focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) have the ability to embed the gender pay gap as more men tend to study STEM subjects, which often lead to some of the highest paid jobs. The Post 16 Skills Plan, released in the summer, promises to tackle the gender gap within STEM subjects, but we are concerned that it will not go far enough to create real and lasting change.

“Of those apprentices who benefit from the new levels of funding, 33% are women. Furthermore, of those who lose out as a result of the new funding rates, 69% are women. This highlights how the new levels of funding have a disproportionate effect on women relative to men.” – Equality Analysis: Apprenticeship funding policy from May 2017

You can read the Equality Analysis here.

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