Tell your vice-chancellor about Alcohol Impact

Friday 05-06-2015 - 16:39

We've sent a letter about Alcohol Impact to your vice-chancellor. Why not mention it to them in person?

Following our pilot year across a range of institutions and students' unions, Alcohol Impact is ready to expand nationally. Together, we can take action on damaging social norms around drinking, and shape inclusive campuses and communities across the UK.

After contacting you earlier this year for you to opt out if you wished, we've now sent the letter to all of your vice chancellors to tell them about the project and give them the opportunity to consider joining with you. We're super excited at the prospect of expanding this project.

It would be really great if you could speak to your vice chancellor at your next meeting together and encourage them to take action on this really important welfare issue. We've got a real opportunity to help all students make informed decisions for themselves, while making campuses more welcoming and safer environments for everybody.

Sign up today.


Alcohol Impact

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