Taking sustainability further with Green Impact Excellence

Wednesday 08-07-2015 - 21:37

Getting involved in Green Impact can help you to take really simple positive actions, but it can also be the platform from which you can build hugely ambitious projects which can transform your campus and community.

Green Impact Excellence supports students’ unions who are ready to take the next step after they’ve really embedded sustainability across their campus. Every year, we’re blown away by the amazing things you achieve, from ethical credit unions, to community reuse schemes.

At NUS Awards, we celebrated this year’s achievements, and here are the top six for this year.

Bangor Students’ Union

In a small town with students living right amongst the rest of Bangor’s residents, this project has helped to train students as community organisers

Building a sense of citizenship and strengthening the community, this project has made a huge impact on how the town treats waste and recycling, through working with local groups and residents.

University of Central Lancashire Students’ Union

We all know the incredible power of behaviour change initiatives, but Lancashire Students’ Union recognised that we don’t always evaluate our efforts as much as we should.

Bringing together a working group of staff, academics, student officers, and wider sector experts, this project works to truly quantify behaviour change and track progress, making our work as effective as possible.

University of Staffordshire Students’ Union

Building on the momentum of their Students’ Green Fund project, Staffordshire have recruited an entirely student-led board to drive sustainability across their institution.

From cutting down on meat, to planting trees, to lobbying on climate action, the board helps to shape ideas, as well as actually execute them beautifully.

University of Manchester Students' Union

Reclaiming an old branch of Royal Bank of Scotland, students at Manchester turned the space into an upcycling shop and community hub.

With a full programme of events over its four week residency, this raised money for charity, helped share skills across the community, and diverted loads of clothes and materials from landfill while engaging new people with sustainability.

University of Portsmouth Students’ Union

Student volunteers from Portsmouth designed and ran half day sessions for 70 local primary school pupils, engaging them with nature.

Learning about animals, plant species and habitats – with plenty of chances to get their hands dirty – the kids learned loads about biodiversity, helping to embed sustainability throughout the whole educational experience – from primary, to higher education.


University of Sheffield Students’ Union

With a turnover of around £9 million, the University of Sheffield Students’ Union recognised the positive impact they could have through improving their supply chains.

Updating policies and redefining their standards, a carefully thought through approach to the full life cycle of their products has seen the union make huge improvements in their products from food to clothing to pencils.

These projects – and so many others – are just a snapshot of the incredible dedication of students and staff taking part in Green Impact, driving sustainability through the power of students’ unions.

Covering education, business, community and much more, these projects have made a huge impact this year.

What will you do next year?



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