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Thursday 27-11-2014 - 11:01

Over the coming weeks, NUS will be hosting a series of social media ‘Takeovers’ each Thursday aiming to bring student issues to the forefront of conversation ahead of the next General Election. 

Each Takeover Thursday will explore a specific theme or campaign which deserves the full attention of political parties vying for the student vote in May 2015.

Today (Thursday 27 November), the focus will be on raising awareness about the General Election itself by encouraging students to register to vote. Students hold the key to the next general election and we believe it's time for politicians to start recognising that. NUS has identified that students have the potential to sway almost 200 seats in the next General Election, but to do so, we first need students to register to vote and to have their say on Thursday 7 May 2015.  

There are a number of ways your students’ union can join in with today’s conversation across Twitter and Facebook. Here are a few ideas and materials to get you started…

  • Do you think it’s important for students to vote? Has your union been working hard to get students registered to vote? Are you registered yourself and will you be voting? Share your thoughts on Twitter using #GenerationVote and we’ll retweet your messages throughout the day.
  • Use your union’s communication channels to tell your students that registering to vote is simple and they can do so online at
  • Watch and share our videos (video one and video two) with two current students, about why they feel it’s important for young people to register and vote.
  • Watch and share Piers Telemaque's Stand Up Be Counted video addressed to Russell Brand and young people alike. 
  • Vote in our Facebook poll which asks ‘Do you think it’s important for students to vote in the next general election?’.
  • Read and share our Buzzfeed article on ’The truth about why young people need to vote’.

Follow our Takeover Thursday live stream online from 10am-4pm at and if tweeting, remember to use #GenerationVote.


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