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Thursday 15-01-2015 - 09:59

Education is up for sale as never before – buy yours now at sky high prices!

In the run up to the General Election, NUS is holding fortnightly Days of Action covering the key themes across the New Deal in which we’re supporting students’ unions to campaign on the issues your students care most about locally. We kick off today (Thursday 15 January) with our first Day of Action which focuses on Education funding.

Shop ‘til you drop at our #JanuaryEducationSales
Education is up for sale as never before. Whether it's further or higher education you need to get the job of your dreams, it all has a price in Britain today. But in the competitive education marketplace it can be hard to tell what things really cost and if you can really afford a future. That's why NUS has set up these educational sales for today’s Day of Action, to set out clearly what educational qualifications will really cost you.

At the #JanuaryEducationSales we are asking politicians to invest in further and higher education, not keep pushing the costs onto individual students. The UK’s education system is increasingly up for sale, at higher and higher cost, and many students or potential students just can’t afford it.From £9,000 a year tuition fees, the scrapping of Education Maintenance Allowance to students fighting to keep their disabled students allowance, education funding is a critical issue for students across further and higher education. As cost of living rises continually, students are being squeezed financially not only to pay for their course fees but also to support themselves throughout their learner journey.
Education is good for everyone, for the individuals who benefit as well as society more widely. But if everyone benefits, why is it students that are paying such high prices?

How can your students' union get involved?
To help you show your support on your campus and in your local area, we’ve put together some resources so you can put on your own #JanuaryEducationSales stunts:
•    Run your own #JanuaryEducationSale on your college or university campus  - we’ve put together a campaign toolkit with lots of ideas and tips.
•    Download your January Education Sale flyer.
•    Download your Generation Vote Ballot Paper - your union can use this resource during campaign actions to gather students' contact details, note down which specific issues they would vote on and can then be delivered by your union to your local PPC's.Share your thoughts and activities on social media using #JanuaryEducationSales and #GenerationVote - we’ll be retweeting your messages throughout the day.
•    Sign up for the event on Facebook
•    Read and share three blogs from our officers; Joe Vinson, Megan Dunn and Shreya Paudel.
•    Read and share two of our funding-themed Buzzfeed articles on ’15 ways that life was better for students with EMA’ and ’39 politicians who broke the pledge and broke our hearts’.

You can find more information on our upcoming Days of Action online here or by getting in touch with


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