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Tuesday 14-03-2017 - 14:53

Alcohol Impact can help you create a healthier, more inclusive campus. Why not take part in 2017/18?

Alcohol Impact is our whole-institution programme to create the conditions for a social norm of responsible alcohol consumption by students. It is a strategic framework and supported accreditation mark designed to bring the students’ union and its partner institution together.

It’s not about getting students to stop drinking altogether. The programme takes a social change theory approach to tackling binge drinking, ultimately reducing harm to students, improving academic achievement, creating more inclusive spaces, and enhancing the student experience.

What does it achieve?

To date (March 2017), we’ve reached over 150,000 students, and we’ve seen some great local results.

  • We've seen a 40% decrease in students being excluded from venues on campus due to irresponsible drinking
  • We acheived a reduction in noise complaints during welcome weeks from the local community
  • There has been a decrease in welfare incidents in halls of residence and reduced alcohol-related violence
  • Over 70 students developed specific campaigns work on responsible alcohol consumption as part of their academic coursework
  • 36,000 students have responded to our annual research survey.

These are just examples of the sort of progressive outcomes Alcohol Impact has delivered, but the programme is very flexible. You can use Alcohol Impact to take action on whatever issues are relevant to your students, your campus and your community.

How does it work?

We’ve been running Alcohol Impact with over twenty students’ unions and institutions for three years now, and we’ve gotten loads of great feedback about the process.

If you sign up for Alcohol Impact, we provide you with a framework of criteria you can work through across the academic year, ranging from shaping students’ union policy to working with local community groups. We also encourage you to deliver at least one larger, more innovative intervention.

After a year, we’ll come along and audit your progress. You’ll then be awarded the Alcohol Impact accreditation mark, or given a working towards status. Of course, this is just the beginning of developing good practice around alcohol consumption, and we’ll be excited to work with you in the years ahead to keep driving positive progress on this crucial welfare issue.

Find out more about Alcohol Impact in our information document, and email us any questions. When you’re ready, just sign up below.




Alcohol Impact

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