Tackling sexual violence in FE Survey is now open!

Thursday 24-01-2019 - 14:30

NUS Women’s Campaign is excited to launch a new piece of research into sexual violence in Further Education. NUS Women’s Officer Sarah Lasoye and Vice-President Further Education Emily Chapman are calling on all FE student to fill in the survey here.



Tell us about your experiences of sexual harassment and violence by filling out our survey 

Please note that the deadline to take part in the survey has been extended to Monday 18th February.

The issue  

While NUS Women’s Campaign has done notable and ground-breaking work into women’s experiences of sexual violence in education, this will be our first piece of research that focuses on the specific experiences of FE students.  

There is a general lack of research and data in this area in Further Education that this work hopes to address. There also exists no centralised data collection relating to sexual violence in schools despite existing evidence from large scale surveys suggesting endemic levels of sexual harassment and violence in schools. It also shows the significant impacts of gendered violence in the lives on young people.  

The research  

NUS Women’s Campaign has launched a survey, now open, for all current FE students and recent FE graduates about their experiences of sexual harassment and sexual violence. It will ask students about the behaviours they have experienced, and have known others to experience, as well as the impact on them.  

In the coming weeks we’re also holding focus groups which will explore the attitudes of FE students towards sexual harassment, violence and violence prevention, and are designed to develop a more in depth understanding of the issue at stake, and students’ own understanding of their experiences. We will report on this research later in the year.

Fill out the Sexual Violence in FE survey here


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