Tackling Lad Culture - new resources available on the hub!

Friday 20-05-2016 - 14:41

The Women's campaign is really proud to announce the re-launch of the Tackling Lad Culture hub. There are now a host of new resources available for you to use to build your strategy and challenge Lad Culture on your campus.

Over two years ago we held our first ever Lad Culture event, the Lad Culture Summit following the launch of our report "that's what she said" in 2013 which outlined women students experiences of lad culture on campus and how it impacted their education and welfare. Since the launch of the report and the event our work with Students' Unions and stakeholders on tackling lad culture has gone from strength to strength, confronting and challenging Lad Culture head on. 

Within the report and since its release, we've heard stories time and again detailing peer pressure, harassment, exclusion and elitism within campuses across the country. When these voices first began to gain platforms through social media, press and awareness campaigns, there were many people who turned a blind eye to the experiences of students or rushed to defend and justify toxic behaviours. There were also many people responsible for the education sector who refused to acknowledge these damaging behaviours that are prevalent on campuses, leaving it unchallenged and continuing to harm our educational communities. Of course we're more than aware that Lad culture is an issue across our society. However that is not an excuse to justify not tackling it in our sector. We’ve had to make it clear that simply stating that lad culture happens outside of campuses too is a weak excuse to not clamp down on how institutions also feed into that culture on campus.  All too often being complicit only feeds into that culture and allows those who perpetrate it and those who are affected by it to believe that it is acceptable or that it will remain unchallenged.


Today, I'm proud to see that more and more students' unions are taking a proactive role and making the necessary changes to create safer, happier, healthier campuses and I am pleased to take this opportunity to announce the re-launch of our Tackling Lad Culture hub. With thanks to the 9 Lad Culture Strategy pilot unions, who have spent the past year developing their local strategies for us to learn from and identify best practice. We now have a host of resources available on the hub. And we hope that you take every opportunity to use these resources and develop your own strategies in your students' unions.


So head over now to the new Tackling Lad Culture Hub where you can download a whole host of resources. From the benchmark tool to strategy guide, to the #StandByMe Rape Crisis partnership toolkit and Disclosure Training material, there are many resources for you to choose from that should help you develop your own strategy. The pilot unions have also shared resources like the care pathway information and a harrassment adviser protocol.

We hope to continue to build on this hub and as always want to hear from you about the progress of your strategy and whether there are further resources that we could develop that would support you in successfully tackling lad culture.



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