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Friday 24-02-2017 - 10:45

The Scottish Government’s final budget passed in Parliament yesterday – and it was a missed opportunity to address the huge gaps in the current student support system.

Since December when the draft budget was announced, NUS Scotland has been calling for increased funding for the Further Education bursary budget; increased funding for the Higher Education discretionary budget to provide students with a year-round funding safety net; an assurance that the universities budget will protect places for widening access; and an assurance that increased funding for mental health services takes student needs into account.
However, the Scottish Government chose not to take the opportunity to help students struggling to support themselves through their studies.
This is a huge disappointment. But the fight for fairer funding is not over. Over the past few weeks you’ve sent over 5000 emails to MSPs – they’ve heard our voices and we can’t stop now.
On the back of the strength of our Scottish Elections campaign last year, the First Minister agreed with us that student support is currently unfair and the SNP committed to a full review of the system. That review is now taking place – and we need to play our part in it.
The Student Support Review Group wants to hear from students about their experiences. You can fill in the short survey here – it only takes a few minutes. Are you out of cash with two weeks to go until your next SAAS payment? Are you struggling to afford food and pay your energy bills? Let the Review Group know!
We need to get as many responses in by the closing date on Monday 6th March – so share the link far and wide with all the students you know! WhatsApp it, Snapchat it, Tweet it, Facebook it…anything. Share, share, share!


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