Summary of Board meetings from the Chairs of the Boards

Thursday 25-06-2015 - 14:40

The NUS Group Boards continued their year cycle with their fourth round of meetings between 19 May and the 6 June. The NUS UK Board is chaired by Toni Pearce. The NUS Charity Board and NUS Services Board are chaired by Raechel Mattey.

You can find out more about how each of the Boards work and interrelate by visiting our Shape our work pages.

Membership representation and getting involved

The Boards and the Subcommittees are led by elected and appointed students and members.

The Direction and Oversight Boards will soon be seeking their new Student Union Officer members to begin in 2015/16. These Subcommittees support the Services and Charity Boards in providing discussion, scrutiny and strategic insight into specific enterprise and engagement strands of work. They are a critical part of the organisation driving the business forward, supporting the Boards in decision making, ensuring we have growth and organisation that represents the membership.

Check out the Get Involved pages for more information and for the NUS Services positions find out about the elections taking place at SU2015 on Shape our work next week.

Cooperative Enterprise Units

Shape our work in the areas of Media, Extra, Purchasing and Digital by coming along to one of the Cooperative Enterprise Unit (CEU) events. The meetings aim to be interactive opportunities for members to provide insight and ideas in the specific areas detailed above.

The meetings will be led by members, with direction and focus provided by the Direction and Oversight Boards and supported by NUS colleagues.

The meetings will give participating members the opportunity to see how your Direction and Oversight Board represents you on this issue and for you to have your say in priorities for the year ahead, discussing the key issues and opportunities with other members.

The meetings are taking place as part of SU2015 and Trade Show. Visit Shape our work for the full details.

The round up

Following the last round of meetings where the estimates were approved, at this cycle of meetings the Boards each reviewed and approved the budgets for 2015/16. This process began with detailed scrutiny at the Audit and Risk subcommittee meeting and following this meeting they recommended to the Boards that the budgets are approved.

The Trustees welcomed Simon Blake to his first quarter of Board meetings and they also said farewell and thanks to some of the Trustees whose term will come to an end on the 30 June, this included the current chairs. New Trustees will be elected and appointed during the summer.

NUS SU Charitable Services Board

This Board is responsible for ensuring that resources are properly allocated and provide oversight and leadership for our Supporting Students’ Unions plans.

The Board also considered opportunities to:

  • Expand the coaching and mentoring programme.
  • Review the Officer Development plan and create a fully integrated offer for training and development of officers across the movement.

NUS Services Board

This Board is responsible for ensuring that resources are properly allocated and provide oversight and leadership for our Enterprise and Engagement plans.

The Board also considered the opportunities to:

  • Incorporate the ISIC card into the Extra card at minimal additional cost.
  • Increase trading within the Unions and provide additional support to enable them to gro

NUS UK Board

This Board is responsible for ensuring that resources are properly allocated and provide oversight and leadership for our Campaigning and Influencing plans.

The Board also considered:

  • The General Election campaign and its success in getting another 6% of the student population voting.
  • The Liar Liar campaign and the impact it had. Both campaigns had a positive impact, further demonstrating that we are a strong campaigning organisation.
  • The detailed communications report of National Conference and the summary of the delegate feedback.

To read the minutes of these Boards visit the relevant Boards page on Shape our Work.


The Audit, Risk and Remuneration (ARR) and Human Resources (HR) Subcommittees have responsibility for finance and people matters across the NUS Group. They met on the 13 May and a summary following these meetings went to each of the Boards.

A verbal summary was provided to each of the Services and Charity Boards following the Direction and Oversight Board (DOB) meetings.

What’s next?

The new cycle begins with the induction day for Trustees and the first meeting of the year on the 8 September.


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