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Friday 27-01-2017 - 16:23

Each Zone Committee has now submitted their proposals to National Conference. Students’ unions now have the opportunity to submit amendments to these motions or to submit ordinary motions to National Conference.

National Conference is the sovereign policy making body of NUS and is where delegates pass policy to decide the political direction of the organisation. Policy is submitted by Zone Committees and Students’ Unions. National Conference votes on the policy submitted and it becomes the work plan for the year ahead.

Zone Committees have now submitted their proposals, which are as follows:

Priority Zone Proposal

Further Education Zone Proposal

Higher Education Zone Proposal

Society and Citizenship Zone Proposal

Union Development Zone Proposal

Welfare Zone Proposal

Students’ unions now have the opportunity to submit amendments to the motions that Zone Committees  have proposed or to submit ordinary motions.

A motion for debate should outline a situation or issue and proposes plan of action or solution that NUS should work on. Read our guide to writing a motion.

Students’ unions wishing to submit motions to National Conference must pass those motions through their own democratic decision making bodies first – such as student council, an Executive meeting or an all-student vote. Students’ unions can submit up to 1,400 words of ordinary motions and amendments to Zone proposals to National Conference. Amendments to the rules do not have a word limit.

Amendments and Ordinary motions must be received by 5pm on 28 February

Find out more and submit your policy on the Conference Hub

if you have any questions about this process please contact the governance team at


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