Submit Motions to LGBT+ Conference

Tuesday 12-01-2016 - 15:14

Motions can be submitted to LGBT+ Conference until 29 January at 1pm. 

Motions that are discussed and passed at LGBT+ Conference become policy of the LGBT+ Students Campaign for the next three years. Policy is designed to direct the work of the campaign and will mandate the LGBT+ Students Officers to take action on issues affecting LGBT+ students across the country. 

Delegates are encouraged to read the existing policy document before submitting policy to see if there is in existence anything that covers the work or stance that you want to submit.

If you'd like to submit a motion to LGBT+ Students' Conference, the motions form can be found on the Conference Hub.

Each Constituent Member can submit up to 4 motions of up to 500 words each.

The Deadline for Motion Submission is 29 January at 1pm. 


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